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Working Principle Of Pneumatic Angle Seat Valve

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Pneumatic angle seat valve adopts single acting pneumatic actuator with spring safety protection to operate the guide angle seat valve. And it is pneumatically actuated. When using, it should choose normally open or normally closed. It is composed of stainless steel and polytetrafluoroethylene. It can be used in most gas, liquid, steam, and corrosive situations such as pneumatic actuated valves. It has a radiator to protect the actuator and ensure the long service life of the valve.

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Action mode of angle seat valve:

Single acting (pneumatic head is usually a hole); working principle; according to the function of spring return to open and close, it can be divided into normally open type and normally closed type. Double acting (pneumatic head usually has two holes) like double acting actuator; working principle: air supply controls its switch.

Application field of angle seat valve:

Pneumatic angle seat valve is widely used in beer, textile printing, and dyeing and bleaching, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, food processing, rubber machinery, organic and inorganic chemical industry, cleaning, disinfection, high-temperature sterilization, water treatment, and other industries. It is suitable for medium for example water, liquid, neutral gas, steam, slightly corrosive gas, and liquid. There are a lot of sundry pneumatic valve actuator types, compared with other valves, it has the merits of economic investment, safety, and maintenance-free and long life.

Features of angle seat valve when the flow direction is low in and high out

1. When the flow direction is selected properly, the service life of the product like the angle seat piston valve can be improved.

2. When the working medium is liquid, select the flow direction to prevent hammer impact.

3. The working pressure must be below 0.3MPa, otherwise, a double-acting actuator must be selected

The characteristics of angle seat valve when the flow direction is high in and low out

When the working medium of the pneumatic angle seat valve is steam or gas, the flow sealing performance of the product can be improved by selecting the flow direction as well as the sanitary angle seat valve. However, the service life of the product is affected by the long-time contact of the V-ring in the valve body with the working medium. Also, when the working medium is liquid, it is not water hammer impact resistant.

Application of pneumatic angle seat valve in daily life:

Control gas: neutral gas, air

Control liquid: automatic industrial control fluid, food-grade milk industry, domestic water, common pipeline fluid medium, etc.

Installation and maintenance

Applicable safety regulations must be observed

1. The pipeline must be clean in time and keep it pollution-free.

2. Install as required, but with the pneumatic control valve actuator facing up. Please pay attention to the flow direction.

3. When connecting the valve, pay attention to the alignment of the pipe, and remove the actuator only when the user has special requirements.

4. Before opening or maintaining the angle valve-like angle seat check valve, cut off the fluid and control the air source and reduce the pressure in the pipeline system.

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