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Which industries use valves the most?

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Valve is an extremely versatile device that can be found almost anywhere. Valves are active in streets, houses, power plants and paper mills, refineries, and various infrastructure and industrial facilities. Below we introduce the industries that use valves the most.


84-1 check valves


1. Power industry

Many power plants use fossil fuels and high-speed turbines to generate electricity. Gate valves are the first choice for power plant on/off applications. Sometimes other valves are also used, such as Y-type globe valves. High-performance ball valves are widely used in the power industry.


Power plant applications put pipelines and valves under immense pressure, so valves need strong materials and designs to cope with the multiple tests of circulation, temperature and pressure. In addition to the main steam valve, the power plant has many auxiliary pipelines. These auxiliary pipelines consist of various globe valves, butterfly valves, check valves, ball valves and gate valves.




2. Waterworks

Water plants require relatively low pressure levels and ambient temperatures. Since the water temperature is normal, rubber seals and elastomers that are not suitable elsewhere can be used. These types of materials can be sealed to install the water valve to prevent water leakage.


The valve of waterworks usually has a pressure much lower than 200psi, so there is no need for high pressure and wall pressure design. Unless you need to use a valve at a high pressure point in a dam or a long waterway, you may need a built-in water valve to withstand a pressure of about 300 psi.



3. Offshore industry

The piping systems of offshore production facilities and oil rigs contain a large number of valves. These valve products have a variety of specifications and can cope with all flow control problems. The key part of the oil production facility is the natural gas or oil recovery pipeline system. These systems usually use ball valves and check valves and API 6D gate valves.



84-2 ball valves

4. Wastewater treatment

Waste water lines collect waste solids and fluids and lead them to sewage treatment plants. Sewage treatment plants use low-pressure pipes and valves to work. In many cases, the requirements for wastewater valves are more relaxed than clean water requirements. Check valves and iron gates are the most popular choices in wastewater treatment.



5. Oil and gas production

Many heavy valves are used in gas and oil wells and their production facilities. The underground natural gas and oil are under tremendous pressure, and the oil and gas can be sprayed into the air as high as 100 meters. The combination of valves and special fittings can withstand pressures above 10,000 psi.


Valves used in wellhead equipment are subject to high temperature and extremely high pressure. Valve pipeline combinations usually include special shut-off valves and gate valves. A special shut-off valve is used to adjust the flow from the well.



6. Pipeline

Many important valves are used in these pipelines: for example, emergency pipeline shut-off valves. The emergency valve can isolate a section of pipeline for maintenance or leakage. There are also scattered facilities along the pipeline: this is where the pipeline emerges from the ground, and this is the equipment used to inspect and clean the production line. These stations contain multiple valves, which are usually ball valves or gate valves.



Valves are everywhere in our life and production. Follow us to learn more about valve knowledge.

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