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What is the difference between a hard seal ball valve and a soft seal ball valve?

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Among the various types of ball valves, there are two types that are more difficult to distinguish, hard-sealed ball valves and soft-sealed ball valves. Although these two are our more common ball valves, there are many differences between the two. Let us Look at the difference between the two.


77-1 actuated valves


Difference in structural mechanism

Generally speaking, the hard seal of the ball valve refers to the seal between metal and metal, and the sealing ball and valve seat are both metal. The soft seal means that the two contacting sealing surfaces can be separate or all soft materials can be used.



Differences in sealing materials

Under normal circumstances, the hard-sealed ball valve is precision processed by the seat material to ensure the accuracy of matching with the valve core (ball), generally stainless steel and copper. The soft seal means that the sealing material inlaid on the valve seat is a non-metallic material. Because the soft sealing material has a certain degree of elasticity, the processing accuracy requirement is relatively low for the hard seal.



77-2 pneumatic actuated valves

Difference in usage conditions

In terms of conditions of use, generally soft seals can reach a high level, while hard seals can be high or low according to requirements; hard seals can generally be used at very high pressures, while soft seals cannot; soft seals need to be fireproof, because at high temperatures, the material of the soft seal will leak, but the hard seal does not have this problem; the soft seal cannot be used in some occasions due to the problem of the flowing medium (such as some corrosive media); finally the hard seal valve is generally better than the soft seal expensive. As for manufacturing, there is little difference between the two, mainly the difference between the valve seat, the soft seal is non-metal, and the hard seal is metal.



Differences in manufacturing standards

From the principle point of view, the hard-sealed ball valve and the soft-sealed ball valve are the same, but because it is a seal between metals, it is necessary to consider the hardness relationship between the metals, as well as the working conditions, and what medium to go. Hardening treatment is generally required, and continuous grinding between the ball and the valve seat is required to achieve a seal. Hard-sealed ball valves have a long production cycle and complex processing. It is not easy to make hard-sealed ball valves.



 The above is the main difference between the soft-seal ball valve and the hard-seal ball valve. The specific purchase and use need to be determined according to the actual use. There is no difference between the advantages and disadvantages of the two. Welcome to visit our official website to buy all kinds of electric actuated valves, pneumatic actuated valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, angle seat valves and other kinds of valves.

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