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What Is Midline Soft Seal Butterfly Valve?

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The mid line soft seal butterfly valve is a conventional ball valve butterfly valve preferred for pipelines, which has the advantages of simple structure, small flow resistance coefficient, straight flow characteristics, no debris retention, light weight, convenient installation, and small driving torque. According to the user's requirements, the driving device can be manually, electrically, and pneumatically operated.



92-1 iron butterfly valve

Application of Midline Soft Seal Butterfly Valve


The sealing rings of different materials can adapt to different media and working conditions, so as to achieve the best cost and performance. Soft sealing iron butterfly valve is suitable for water supply, sewage, food, heating, gas, ship, water and electricity, metallurgy, energy system, light textile, and other industries with temperature ≤ 120  and nominal pressure ≤ 1.6Mpa, which is especially suitable for two-way sealing and valve body easy to rust.



Characteristics of Mid Line Soft Seal Butterfly Valve


The main features of midline soft seal high temperature butterfly valves are as follows:


Small, easy to disassemble and repair, and can be installed in any position.

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, compact structure, small operating torque, and quick opening.

The flow characteristics tend to be linear and the regulation performance is good.

The connection between the butterfly plate and the valve stem adopts a pin free structure, which overcomes the possible internal leakage point.

The outer circle of the butterfly plate adopts spherical shape, which improves the sealing performance and prolongs the service life of the NEOTECHA butterfly valve.

The sealing element can be replaced and the bidirectional sealing is achieved.

The butterfly plate can be coated according to the user's requirements, such as nylon or PTFE.

The middle line soft seal hydraulic butterfly valve can be designed as flange connection and pair clamp connection.

The driving mode can be manual, electric, or pneumatic.

There is no leakage after opening and closing under pressure for more than 50000 times.



92-2 offset butterfly valve

Installation Steps of Midline Soft Seal Butterfly Valve


Open the disc 10 degrees before installation.

Set auxiliary screw at proper position to adjust the distance between two flange surfaces.

Insert the stainless butterfly valve into other bolts without contacting the two flange surfaces.

Make sure that the center of the CPVC butterfly valve is concentric with the center of the flange and that the opening and closing position of the valve disc is not hindered by the inner diameter of the flange or adjacent parts.

Repeatedly lock the bolts in a diagonal progressive manner until the flange face contacts the end face of the offset butterfly valve.

After the completion of the device, the full open and full close degree should be confirmed again.



Precautions for Operation of Midline Soft Seal Butterfly Valve


Before starting the operation, you should remove the foreign matter on the piping and clean the inner surface of the piping with clean water.

Check the angle indicator to avoid twisting beyond the opening width and closing position beyond the limited angle.

The switch operation shall be completely based on the indicator. If you need to add other hand tools, the angle indicator and switch will be damaged.

It is necessary to open the tricentric butterfly valve for piping pressure test.

If the piping needs to be fully closed for a long time, you should do 1 ~ 2 times a month to avoid fixation.

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