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What Are the Applications of Pneumatic Actuators?

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If manufacturers understand the reasons for using pneumatic actuators and when and where to use them, they can improve performance and efficiency while reducing overall costs. Advances in technology have solved the problems of traditional compressed air and helped people understand how pneumatic execution fits into the current control architecture. Pneumatic actuators are mainly divided into pneumatic piston actuator and pneumatic diaphragm actuator.


19-1-pneumatic piston actuator

Electric robots and electromechanical actuators are widely used in gripping applications, and they require complex and flexible motion control. If the gripping system is an electric design, the application engineer may need to assume that the end effector is also electric. Many applications are actually more suitable for pneumatic mechanical fixtures or vacuum suction cups.


If highly precise positioning is not required, the vacuum chuck is an ideal solution for grasping workpieces of different sizes, shapes and surface treatments. An example is the grabbing of corrugated and folded carton materials or large items during the packaging process. Vacuum suction cups are also suitable for grabbing delicate items, such as glass or fresh products. The initial cost of using vacuum suction cups is very low, including only the price of suction cups and vacuum generators. Pneumatic mechanical clamps are suitable for occasions that require high speed or greater gripping force. In some high-intensity applications, the operating cost of the vacuum generator may be very high, so the overall calculation may not be cost-effective.


We all know that actuators are divided into three categories: pneumatic air actuator, electric motor actuator and hydraulic actuator according to their energy form. They have their own characteristics and are suitable for different occasions. Compared with electric clamps, pneumatic clamps are lighter in weight, smaller in size, and have a lower initial cost. Its shortcoming is that it is insufficient in terms of grip, speed and positioning accuracy. Pneumatic fixture can be adjusted according to the operating pressure, it can use control valve or analog proportional pressure valve. If regular and precise control is required, electric clamps may be a good choice. The speed of the pneumatic clamp can be controlled by using a flow control valve or adjusting the operating pressure, but this method is not so accurate. If the piston is not stick-slip enough, the grasping speed cannot be very low.


19-2-pneumatic diaphragm actuator

Food and beverage processing machinery may use multiple types of actuators, including rod type, rotary type, and rodless type. Specifically, such actuators include pneumatic rotary actuator, rotary piston actuator, rack and pinion valve actuator, etc.


The rod type actuator is the most common type, because it has multiple functions and is well sealed, which is an ideal solution for scouring environments. Due to the low price, and food processing and packaging applications do not require high precision and flexibility of the actuator, the pneumatic rod actuator is widely used in the food and beverage industry. Electric linear actuator is different from pneumatic mechanism, it is not very suitable for food-grade applications and washing environment. The relevant electronic components of the pneumatic mechanism can be placed in a nearby instrument box and will not be affected by flushing.


Sometimes potential pollutants may be brought into the compressed air system. Many valve manufacturers now produce special products, such as food-grade grease. Therefore, in the design, it is necessary to ensure that the compressed air in contact with food is safe. This allows users to comply with FDA regulations and various rules when using low-cost pneumatic solutions to get close to food and beverage products. The air compressor actuator is suitable for the food industry.


If an application requires actuators with multiple positions, some engineers may consider electric rod actuators. Pneumatic mechanism may also meet the requirements of the application, and will generally save more costs than electric solutions.

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