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How Much Do You Know about Electric Actuators? (One)

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The working principle of the electric actuator is to use the forward and reverse rotation of the motor to realize the opening and closing of the valve. 


22-1-electric linear actuators

Classification of Electric Actuators


There are generally two types of electric actuators: switch type and adjustable type. The intelligent actuator can realize the selection of switch type and adjustment type. Electric actuators can be divided into electric linear actuators and electric angular actuators according to the form of motion. According to the type of stop, it can also be divided into two types: torque stop and stroke stop.


At this stage, the intelligent motorised valve actuator can be selected in two forms according to different needs during the production process. The electric actuator can be divided into multi turn electric actuator (3600) and part turn electric actuator ( 900).


Electric motor actuator is mainly composed of the following components, including electric motor, reduction gear mechanism, torque control (mechanical or electronic), stroke control (mechanical or electronic), position indication (mechanical or electronic), position signal feedback (provided by the user upon request), manual operating mechanism, hand-to-electric switch and power control (provided by the user upon request).


22-2-part turn electric actuator

General Technical Requirements for Electric Actuators


The telescopic actuator electric should work normally under the following conditions. The altitude should not be higher than 1000m. The relative humidity of the working environment is not more than 90% (250C). The working environment does not contain strong corrosive, flammable, and explosive media.


The working environment temperature is reflected in: switch-type electric actuators are 0°C-+800C, and adjustable-type electric actuators are 20°C-+600C. The spring return electric actuator used in special power conditions and special environmental conditions can be specified separately.


The electric motor equipped with the electric rotary actuator should be able to meet the performance requirements of the following electric actuator.


The outer surface of the electric piston actuator should be flat and smooth, and there should be no defects such as cracks, burrs and bumps that affect the appearance quality. The surface paint layer should be firmly attached, flat, smooth, uniform in color, and free of oil stains, indentation and other mechanical damage.


The wiring part of the electric actuator should have grounding screws and signs.


The manual operating mechanism of the electric actuator should have the switch direction indication. It is appropriate to face the hand wheel clockwise for "off" and counterclockwise for "open".


The electrical clearance and creepage distance between the exposed live circuits of the electric actuator, and between the live parts and the conductive parts or grounded parts (not including the printed circuit board) should meet the requirements.


The noise of the electric actuator under no load, measured with a sound level meter, should not exceed the sound pressure level of 75dB(A).


The insulation resistance between all current-carrying parts of the electric actuator and the housing should not be less than 20MU 0.


The hand-electric switching mechanism shall be flexible and reliable, and the hand wheel shall not rotate when it is electric (except for friction driven).


The maximum control torque of the electric actuator should not be less than the rated torque. The minimum control torque should not be greater than the rated torque, and should not be greater than 50% of the maximum control torque.

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