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What Is a Pneumatic Diaphragm Single Seat Control Valve?

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Regulating valve is also known as control valve. In the field of industrial automation process control, it accepts the control signal output by the adjustment control unit and uses power operation to change the final control element of process parameters such as medium flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level. The regulating valve is suitable for air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil and other media. Control valves are often divided into air actuated control valve, electric actuator control valve, hydraulic control valve, and self-operated control valve.


14-1-air actuated control valve

According to the characteristics of the stroke, the regulating valve can be divided into straight stroke and angular stroke. Straight stroke includes single seat valve, double seat valve, sleeve valve, cage valve, angle seat valve, three-way valve, diaphragm valve. Angular stroke includes butterfly ball valve, actuated ball valve, lock spunding valve, full-function ultra-light regulating valve.


This article mainly introduces the pneumatic membrane regulating valve.


Pneumatic membrane regulating valve is also called regulating valve in the industry, it is mainly composed of actuator and regulating mechanism.


Features of Pneumatic Diaphragm Single Seat Control Valve


1. Classified by pressure


Vacuum valve means that the working pressure is lower than the standard atmospheric pressure. Low pressure valve refers to the nominal pressure PN≤1.6MPa. The medium pressure valve refers to PN2.5~6.4MPa. The high-pressure valve refers to PNl0.0~80.OMPa, usually PN22, PN32. Ultra-high pressure valve refers to PN≥100MPa.



2. Classified by medium working temperature


High temperature valve means t>450℃. Medium temperature valve means 220℃≤t≤450℃. Normal temperature valve means -40℃≤t≤220℃. Low temperature valve means -200℃≤t≤-40℃.


14-2-electric actuator control valve

3. Common taxonomy


This classification method is divided by principle, function and structure, and is currently the most commonly used classification method both domestically and internationally. Generally, it is divided into nine categories: single-seat control valve, double-seat control valve, sleeve control valve, angle control valve, three-way control valve, actuated diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, ball valve and eccentric rotary valve. The first 6 types are linear travel, and the last three are angular travel. These nine products are also the most basic products, also known as ordinary products, basic products or standard products. All kinds of special products and special products are improved and modified on the basis of these nine types of products.


4. Uses and effects


The two-position valve is mainly used to close or connect the medium. The regulating valve is mainly used for regulating the system. When selecting a valve, it is necessary to determine the flow characteristics of the regulating valve. The diverter valve is used to distribute or mix media. Shut-off valve usually refers to a valve with a leakage rate of less than one in 100,000. This type of valve should generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline.



5. Special Purpose


This kind of valve mainly includes soft sealing shut-off valve, hard sealing shut-off valve, wear-resistant regulating valve, corrosion-resistant regulating valve, all PTFE corrosion-resistant regulating valve, full corrosion-resistant alloy regulating valve, emergency action shut-off or vent valve, anti-blocking regulation Valve, anti-corrosion and anti-blocking shut-off valve, insulation jacket valve, large pressure drop shut-off valve, small flow control valve, large diameter control valve, large adjustable ratio control valve, low S energy saving control valve, low noise valve and fine and small adjustment valve.


In summary, we can thoroughly understand such products as pneumatic membrane single-seat control valves.

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