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Structure characteristics and installation guide of electric gate valve

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Electric valve is the use of electric actuator to control the valve, so as to realize the opening and closing of the valve. Do you know the structural features and installation guidelines of the electric gate valve? Let us look at it together.



58-1 check valve

Structural characteristics of electric gate valve

The valve adopts pressure self-tightening seal or valve body and bonnet gasket seal structure, which is trustworthy! Safe and reliable to use.


The valve disc adopts a double gate with a universal top structure in the middle, which can automatically adjust the fit between the valve disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat to ensure the seal of the valve. At the same time, this structure is convenient to maintain, save costs, and has better valve disc interchangeability.


The sealing surface of valve disc and valve seat is made of cobalt-chromium-tungsten cemented carbide by plasma spray welding. The sealing surface has high hardness, abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance and long service life.


The valve stem is made of nitriding steel with surface nitriding treatment, high hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.


The electric device is equipped with a torque control mechanism, an on-site operating mechanism and a hand and electric switching mechanism. In addition to local operation, remote operation, PLC control, 4-20mA current input and output intelligent control, etc. can also be performed.


The manual valve is opened by the manual mechanism or the hand wheel upon impact. Reduce valve operating force.


The valve can be installed in any position of the pipeline, and the carbon steel or alloy steel valve can be selected according to the temperature of the medium and the medium.



58-2 control valves

Installation guide for electric gate valve

1. First cut the pipe in the vertical direction, trim and remove burrs, and measure the pipe diameter.


2. Use gauze or steel wire brush to remove the pipe and cutting parts to make the metal surface shiny. It is recommended not to use steel wool.


3. Apply flux to the outside of the pipe and the inside of the welding cover. The flux must completely cover the welding surface. Please use flux sparingly.


4. Make sure the valve is open. Heat the pipe first. Transfer as much heat as possible from the pipe to the valve. Avoid extending the heating time of the valve itself.


5. Use proper amount of solder: If you use wire solder, then use 3/4 inch solder for valves with a nominal diameter of 3/4 inch.


6. When the solder is in a sticky state, use a brush to remove the excess solder. After the solder has cooled, a strip of fillet is wrapped around the valve port.


7. Before installation, cut off the fluid passing through the valve to make the valve work properly. Close the valve completely before installation. Put the wrench on the head of the hexagonal bolt near the pipe to avoid possible deformation. After installing the valve, support the pipeline: a drooping pipeline will deform the valve and cause failure.



Have you learned the installation method of electric gate valve? If you encounter any problems when using electric actuators, pneumatic actuated valves, electric actuated valves or valve actuator accessories, please contact our valve experts.

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