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How Are Electric Actuators Installed and Maintained?

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Installation of electric actuator The actuator is an essential part of the automatic control system. It is mainly divided into pneumatic actuators, electric actuators and hydraulic actuators. Pneumatic actuators are mainly divided into single acting pneumatic actuator and double acting pneumatic rotary actuator.


Electric actuators are mainly divided into electric linear actuator, spring return electric actuator and electric rotary actuator.


36-1-single acting pneumatic actuator

The actuator should be installed where it is convenient for adjustment, inspection and disassembly. While ensuring safe production, it should also consider saving investment and being neat and beautiful. Here are some principles of actuator installation.


The actuator is preferably installed upright and vertically on a horizontal pipe.


The actuator should be installed close to the ground or floor, and there should be sufficient clearance above and below it.


When the control valve is installed on the pipeline, the direction of the arrow on the valve body should be the same as the fluid flow direction in the pipeline. If the diameter of the control valve and the pipe diameter are different, a tapered pipe should be added between the two to connect.


In order to prevent the aging of the film of the actuator, the actuator should be installed as far away as possible from high temperature, vibration, toxic, and severe corrosion.


When there is a detection instrument on the production site, the control valve should be as close to it as possible to facilitate adjustment. Pay attention to the requirements of the control valve position in the process. For safety reasons, the control valve should be equipped with a bypass line, and equipped with a shut-off valve and bypass valve. So that when the control valve fails or is repaired, the production process can be continued through the bypass.


36-2-electric linear actuator

Daily Maintenance of Electric Actuators


1. Enhance the cleanliness of lubricating oil.


The biggest feature of managing electric air valve actuators is the need to use lubricating oil, whose viscosity varies with oil temperature. If the viscosity is too low, the wear of the worm and gear transmission components will increase, which will reduce the transmission accuracy. If the viscosity is too high, it will malfunction. The cleanliness of lubricating grease is more difficult to manage. Wear of worm gears and gear transmission parts, the penetration of impurities and moisture produced by aging, the peeling of internal coatings, rust, etc. will affect the cleanliness of lubricating oil.


2. Eliminate grease leakage in time.


Due to the high frequency and speed of motorised valve actuators, it is difficult to avoid shocks. This is an important cause of grease leakage. Once the grease leaks, it needs to be solved in time.


3. Improve the working environment and use conditions of electric actuators.


The reliability and lifespan of the electric piston actuator is directly related to factors such as its use, environment, and personnel knowledge. Only by improving its working environment and usage conditions in maintenance and management, can it prolong its service life.


4. The maintenance must be strengthened in the early stage of failure. Among all the failures of electromagnetic valve actuator, the proportion of initial failures is generally relatively high. Most of the initial failures are caused by preliminary errors in design, manufacturing, and installation. The discovery of these initial faults requires a certain amount of effort and time to resolve. Therefore, the maintenance and management should be strengthened during the initial failure period.


5. The occasional failure of waterproof electric actuator is generally difficult to predict. In order to prevent accidental failures, regular inspections and maintenance should be carried out, and a certain stage of maintenance data and historical archive data should be mastered. This is very important for accurate failure judgment and daily maintenance.

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