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HVM-5 Explosion Proof Valve Position Monitor

HVM-5 is designed to provide accurate and reliable valve position signaling and indicating of most valves or actuators manufactured.

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  • HVM Series


  • HVM2021001


HVM-5 is designed to provide accurate and reliable valve position signaling and indicating of most valves or actuators manufactured.

Main Parameters

●Enclosure :Weatherproof IP67/NEMA4,4X,7,9(Standard) IP68(Option)

Explosionproof:E EXd IIC T6, E EX ia llC T6,E EX d llB T6

Solid and compact design

Shaft holder built in the cover(Dual Shaft)

Easy to set the visual position indicator.

Unique design to put the visual indicator on the threaded joint type cover.

Bolts on visual position indicator

Dual Cable entries : 2 x 3/4 PF(Standard ) M20, M25, NPT3/4" , PT3/4" (Option)

Terminal Strips : 8 points(0.08 2. 5mm²)

Switch type: mechanical micro switch, customizable Honeywell or P + F proximity micro switch

Ambient temperature: standard:- 20 to + 80 , low temp.:- 40 to + 80

Indicating switch: open(yellow), close (red)

Mounting bracket: stainless steel bracket,adjustable

Life: 10 million turning circles

Main Features And Characteristics

● Solid and compact design aluminium die-cast housing with polyester powder coated finish

● Bolt-on Visual Position Indicator

Quick-Set spring loaded splined cam. No need to adjust again after initial setting. Easy setting without tools

● Dual cable entries

● Captive cover bolts to prevent loss when cover is removed

● NAMUR standard stainless steel shaft and bracket

● Omron switches

Standard Specification

Enclosure Weatherproof IP67/NEMA4&4X Explosion proof E EX D IIC T6
Cable entries Two NPT3/4"
Ambient temperature -20°C~80°C
Terminal strips 8 points(0.05-2.5mm²)
Position indicator 0~90°(90° turn free join)  close:red  open:yellow
Switches Mechanical switch x 2   proximity sensor x 2
Painting Chromate Polyester powder coating(black)

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Dimension in mm    Standard Namur Shaft


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