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Do you know how to install and maintain the ball valve?

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The ball valve is a device used to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline. In use, it only needs to rotate 90 degrees and a small torque can be closed tightly. What should I pay attention to when using the electric ball valve and ball check valve? The following introduces the installation and maintenance methods of the ball valve, I hope it can help you.


80-1 stainless steel ball valve


Use of ball valve

1. It is necessary to find out that the upstream and downstream pipelines of the ball valve have indeed relieved the pressure before disassembling.


2. Non-metal parts should be taken out of the cleaning agent immediately after cleaning, and should not be soaked for a long time.


3. The bolts on the flange must be tightened symmetrically, gradually and evenly during assembly.


4. The cleaning agent should be compatible with the rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and working medium (such as gas) in the ball valve. When the working medium is gas, gasoline (GB484-89) can be used to clean metal parts. Clean non-metal parts with pure water or alcohol.


5. Every single ball valve actuator accessories decomposed can be cleaned by dipping. Metal parts with undecomposed non-metal parts can be scrubbed with a clean, fine silk cloth impregnated with detergent. When cleaning, all grease, dirt, glue, dust, etc. adhering to the wall must be removed.


6. When the actuated ball valve is disassembled and reassembled, care must be taken to prevent damage to the sealing surface of the parts, especially non-metal parts. Special tools should be used when removing the O-ring.


7. After cleaning, it needs to be assembled after the cleaning agent of the wall surface to be washed evaporates, but it should not be left for a long time, otherwise it will rust and be contaminated by dust.


80-2 plastic ball valve


Ball valve installation

1. Install the flanged ball valve on the pipeline. Any end of the ball valve can be installed on the upstream end. The ball valve driven by the handle can be installed at any position on the pipeline. But the gear box or pneumatic ball valve should be installed upright, that is, installed on the horizontal pipeline, and the drive device is above the pipeline.


2. Install a gasket between the valve flange and the pipeline flange according to the pipeline design requirements.


3. The bolts on the flange should be tightened symmetrically, successively and evenly.


4. Connect the pneumatic pipeline (when using a pneumatic driver).



Maintenance skills of ball valves

The actuated ball valve wants to have a longer service life and maintenance-free time, will depend on several factors: under normal working conditions, maintaining a harmonious temperature / pressure ratio, and reasonable corrosion data.


Before repairing, remove the pipeline pressure and leave the valve in the open position, disconnect the power or air source, and separate the actuator from the bracket. Note that the fluid pressure in the valve body still exists when the ball valve is closed.



What is the difference between brass ball valve, stainless steel ball valve, plastic ball valve and other valves of different materials? Welcome to leave your comments.

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