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Application principle and troubleshooting of electric ball valve

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Electric ball valves are now widely used in petroleum, natural gas, medicine, food, hydropower, nuclear power, electricity, water supply and drainage, heating, metallurgy and other industries, and they are critical mechanical products for national defense construction. It is also an indispensable product for technological construction. Do you know the application principle and troubleshooting of electric ball valve?



61-1 flanged ball valve

Principle of electric ball valve

The electric ball valve is a combination of a plug-type ball valve and an electric actuator. The structure of the ball valve body is a spool that rotates 90 degrees. The electric actuator inputs a standard signal of 0-10 mA. The motor group drives the gear and worm gear angle torque. Adjust the valve with the switch box. Its use mainly depends on the amount of current and the adjustment operation.



Troubleshooting of electric ball valve

1. Motor scavenger: The gap between the stator and rotor of the motor operated valve is very small, which easily leads to collision between the stator and rotor. Once there is a phenomenon that the base, end cover, and rotor have different axis. The common factors that cause different axis phenomena are: the motor bearing is seriously out of tolerance, the inner hole of the end cover is worn, and the stop hole of the end cover and the stop hole of the machine base are worn and deformed. If these phenomena are found, the bearing should be replaced, or the end cover should be replaced or brushed.


2. Motor vibration: Firstly, the vibration should be distinguished whether it is caused by the motor itself, or caused by a defective transmission device, or transmitted from the mechanical load end, and then eliminate it according to the specific situation. It belongs to the vibration caused by the motor itself, mostly due to poor rotor dynamic balance, poor bearings, bent shaft, or different shaft centers of the end cover, frame, and rotor, or the motor installation foundation is uneven, the installation is not in place, and the fasteners are loose. of. Vibration generates noise and also generates additional load.



3. The bearing is not working properly: If the bearing is not working properly, it can be judged by experience and hearing. Touch the bearing box with a listening rod (copper rod). If you hear an impact sound, it means that one or a few balls may be broken. If you hear a sizzling sound, it means that the bearing is not lubricated. It is not easy to add too much grease. If too much, it will cause a lot of friction between the rotating part of the bearing and the grease to generate heat. If the bearing is installed incorrectly, the fit tolerance is too tight or too loose, it will also cause the bearing fever.



61-2 ball valves


The electric ball valve has the characteristics of strong function, small size, reliable performance and large flow capacity. The electric ball valve is not only a good product for throttling, blocking, cutting, on-off, and diversion, but also the first choice in the flow control system. Welcome to visit our official website to purchase all kinds of flanged ball valve, ball check valves, brass ball valves, apollo ball valves, etc.

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